Have you “checked all the boxes” in life but still feel unhappy? Maybe you’ve even experienced burnout or personal illness because you have driven yourself into the ground doing all of the expected roles (e.g, partner, career woman, caregiver). Perhaps you are looking for balance or a sustainable life, which despite your best efforts seems impossible.

I get it!!! You are not alone. Many women, successful women on paper and by all accounts, feel exhausted, disconnected and unfulfilled.

You haven’t done anything wrong, but this is not actually your version of your best life.

I can help with that. I’m Dr. Rebecca. For the last 15 years I’ve been studying and practicing traditional psychology and psychotherapy. Instead if only focusing on symptoms of illness and what’s gone wrong, I now help women throw out the scripts given to them and redefine for themselves what they truly want. I want your life to go from good to great. Not just coast along, but really thrive. In particular, I am passionate about helping women make big moves toward happiness with ease and confidence.

How? I will walk you through the steps to see clearly which parts of your life bring real joy, meaning and energy in. We will identify internal and external barriers getting in your way and eliminate factors that no longer serve you. I will guide you and support you every step of the way.

Women who work with me find themselves having better relationships with themselves and others, greater workplace productivity and life satisfaction, greater confidence, and truly a sense of the elusive “balance.”

My approach to coaching is based on the science of Positive Psychology. I am an expert in behaviour change, motivation and cultivating mindfulness in everyday life.

Need to know more? Learn more about Dr.Rebecca and her services at www.drboehm.ca